“They kick you when you’re down,” Officials warn residents of looters taking advantage of evacuated neighborhoods

TULSA, Okla. – Historic flooding has forced many Oklahomans out of their homes and now some are taking advantage of those quiet streets.

“I got worried, heard it pour in the windows, and just started praying and then I heard the airboat that came back after me,” one woman told KJRH.

She evacuated a few days ago with three feet of water inside her home. Finally allowed back into her neighborhood, she returned home to find it covered in mud.

But that wasn’t the only thing she discovered.

The woman told KJRH at least 15 cars were parked on a bridge west of Highway 75, and she caught a man trying to break into them the other day.

“Kicking you when you’re down, yeah they kick you when you’re down and it’s sad that the world’s gotten that way,” the woman said.

Tulsa police said Gilcrease Division did arrest someone Friday morning for looting.

Tulsa Mayor, G.T. Bynum says the city will try to provide a guard in evacuated areas in an effort to prevent looting.

If you see anyone trying to steal from evacuated homes or stranded cars, contact local authorities so they can add extra patrol in the area.

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