AG Hunter: Settlement agreement reached with Teva Pharmaceuticals; trial against Johnson & Johnson set for Tuesday

OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma’s attorney general has announced a settlement agreement with one drug company in the state’s lawsuit against the nation’s leading manufacturers of opioid pain medications

An $85-million settlement agreement with Teva Pharmaceuticals was announced Sunday by Attorney General Mike Hunter.

The terms of the settlement agreement may take up to two weeks to finalize, officials say, but the money will go to the state once it’s received.

Hunter says the funds will then be used to reduce the opioid crisis in the state.

On Tuesday, the state’s trial against Johnson & Johnson will be held in Cleveland County.

“Today’s announcement is a testament to the state’s legal team’s countless hours and resources preparing for this trial and their dedication and resolve to hold the defendants in this case accountable for the ongoing opioid overdose and addiction epidemic that continues to claim thousands of lives each year,” Attorney General Hunter said. “Nearly all Oklahomans have been negatively impacted by this deadly crisis and we look forward to Tuesday, where we will prove our case against Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiaries.”

In March, Purdue Pharma settled with Hunter for $270 million, with the majority of the funds going to the Oklahoma State University’s Center for Wellness and Recovery, which will then be used for addiction treatment and research.

Oklahoma sued 13 opioid manufacturers in 2017, alleging they fraudulently engaged in marketing campaigns that led to thousand of overdose addictions and deaths.

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