El Reno community coming together to support tornado victims

El Reno - Hours after the tornado hit El Reno the community came together quickly to help the victims. Everyone doing what they can to show that El Reno is stronger than anything mother nature can throw it`s way.  "I was watching the press conference this morning and something the mayor said kind of stuck with me," El Reno resident Mike Powers said.  "We are more than just a community we are a family."

When the tornado first hit there was panic.  "I thought that was that was it.  "I was praying in the tub thinking this is it, this is it, this is it," survivor Jordan Morris told News 4.  "I felt very lucky, when i got home to my family I hugged my mom."  Hours later La Villa Elms Apartments Owner Earnie Bell had a message of hope ad perseverance.  "So it`s been a tough day, a tough day, but everyone will survive and we`ll get through it," Bell said.  "Give to those who need a hand."

Bell stepped forward to put a roof over the head of people who lost theirs to the tornado.  "First month i`ll pay the utilities, we can pick up the tab for a month.  If they want to stay longer then good deal," Bell said.  Others, like Mike Powers grilled burgers to give first responders, utility workers, even reporters a hot meal.  "The police department coming by being thankful for what we are doing.  It`s not really for that," Powers said.  "It`s just a pat on the back for them to say we appreciate what you`re doing.  So what can we do to give back?"

It's not the typical way to spend Memorial Day, but there`s no where else these people would rather be.

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