Texas group survivors awakened by terror

EL RENO, Okla. - The American Value Budget Inn took a brutal beating.

About 30 guests were inside their rooms, when a twister roared right on top of them.

Hector Hernandes's cousins, brothers and nephews were staying on the second floor.

The Dallas-based work crew was in town doing concrete work. One of the them was nearly sucked out of his room.

“He was in the middle of the two beds... said he was looking up in the middle of the tornado,” Hernandes said.

Another worker went tumbling 15 feet after the floor gave way. He, like the others, somehow escaped with minor injuries.

Budget Inn manager Yolonda wasn't on duty at the time of impact. She rushed over and immediately started making phone calls and other accommodations for her Texas guests.

While search and rescue crews sorted through the rubble, they waited to see what was left of their belongings and cars, which only had liability insurance.

Hector told News 4 that they are missing “tools, clothes and identification, because they don't... have no wallet, no telephone, no nothing.”

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