Returning priceless photographs to the families that survived the El Reno tornado

EL RENO, Okla. - When a tornado hit El Reno late Saturday night, some families didn't just lose their homes.

In addition to losing homes, families also lost sentimental items like pictures of kids, family photos, and other items that no amount of money can replace.

"We're not worried about the home and garden items or rakes," El Reno Mayor Matt White said.  "But personal items that you have, personal attachment to as far as pictures, governor you saw some pictures, so they are going to try to go through those and set those aside."

The night of the tornado someone handed News 4's Chase Horn and photojournalist Emily Smith a couple of pictures and asked them to track down the families.

News 4 is still looking for the young boy in the picture above, but we did find the girl.  Her name is Sade Tiger.  She was five-years-old in the picture, but she's seven now.

She says she's glad to still have a memory of home after the scary tornado hit her house.

"It was a bad day at the tornado. I was so scared for my pictures," Sade said.  "I thought all of them were going to get lost."

If you recognize the boy in the picture or know someone who might, please contact the station or Chase Horn at

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