At least 10 homes washed away in Cimarron River, more in danger

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LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. - Families and homes are still on edge in Twin Lakes.

A total of 10 homes have been washed away by the rushing Cimarron River.

All of this, as the erosion along the riverbank worsens.

And, at least four more homes are in danger.

The community is just praying for the rain and erosion to stop.

"This was unexpected," said Nita Margerum, a homeowner.

Slowly but surely, Nita and Colt Margerum's home has fallen to pieces as the Cimarron River erodes their property.

"It's chaos out here," Nita said. "We knew that it eroded, but we didn't know it fell off in house-sized pieces."

They've spent the past week in a camper outside of their home, watching it crumble.

At the same time, helping neighbors pack up valuables and evacuate.

"If we stay busy, we don't get upset," Nita said.

The Margerums are also rescuing animals running from the flood waters.

"Hognose snakes, bull snake, snapping turtles, box turtles, stuff like that," Colt said.

"They're running, everybody's running," Nita said. "Everybody's pets are scared. It's a beast."

Lori Dahlem with the Twin Lakes Volunteer Fire Department is also lending a hand.

Dahlem said it's shocking to see her family and friends homes float away.

"You know everybody, and it's just hard," she said. "It literally took my breath away again, all over again. It's like, wow, this is the new normal."

As more homes struggle to hang on, the community is coming together to remain strong.

"They mean the world to us," Dahlem said. "They're our neighbors."

"There's been a lot of positives," Colt said. "The house is a house. We can build another house."

Twin Lakes is currently under a voluntary evacuation but, with more rain expected this weekend, fire officials said they will monitor the river and evaluate others if needed.

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