Future of Seeworth Academy in limbo

OKLAHOMA CITY - On Friday, Seeworth Academy has voted to relinquish its charter and terminate its contract with Oklahoma City Public Schools.

The entire board meeting only lasted around one minute.

This is all resulting from a letter from the State Department of Education, claiming the school failed to account for taxpayer funds, maintain accounting records and provide services to students with disabilities.

According to the OSDE, “multiple artifacts exist to demonstrate gross neglect and noncompliance with both state and federal laws and regulations."

School board president Lee Anne Wilson refused to go on camera after the meeting was over.

Board member Judge Barbara Swinton spoke briefly on where Seeworth goes from here.

"We are negotiating that, and we will let you all know as soon as we know," Switon Said.

After the decision, Oklahoma City Superintendent of Schools Dr. Sean McDaniel released this statement:

“We appreciate the Seeworth board and staff for their many years of dedicated service to OKCPS families and students. We look forward to working with them as we make this transition, and I assure the students and families who have called Seeworth 'home' that our priority is to take care of them and to meet their needs. We will begin working to do so today, and we will be in communication with them as soon as possible.“ 

Steve Davis runs a leadership program at Seeworth called 'Making of men.'

Davis said everyone involved has to make sure the students stay the priority.

“This school has been a lifesaver for many young people across Oklahoma City,” he said. “It has truly been one of those things that helped families that feels hopeless when it comes to public education and their child struggling in public education. Most of the kids who are here, the public school have literally given up on them.”

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