Mutts Amazing Hotdogs sets up GoFundMe to pay employees after storm damage closes the restaurant

OKLAHOMA CITY - During last week’s severe weather, Mutts Amazing Hotdogs and Burgers got hit pretty hard, and owner Omar Molina says they are months away from reopening.

Molina is now asking for donations, but the money isn’t for repairs, it’s for paying his employees.

“I was like, 'I'm here to serve you guys as employees. Let me know what you guys need so that we can get the job done,'” Molina told News 4. “That process didn't change throughout us not being operational. We are still here to serve each other, I'm still here to serve them.”

Molina has set up a GoFundMe with a goal of $10,000 dollars to try and provide his staff with some form of payment while they are out of work, because for some of his employees this is their only form of income.

“It seems kind of selfless at first, but we truly believe in the model we have,” Molina said. “We believe in serving people over profit."

Tabitha Maxwell is one of the Mutts employees who is now without a job. She also just had a baby, so getting that check every other week is crucial.

She told News 4 she loved working at Mutts and she misses being able to come in every morning.

“In fact, when I was off on maternity leave I hated being on maternity leave. I wanted to come in to work all the time, I wanted to work,” Maxwell said. “Not just because of the pay, but because I love the other employees here as well.”

Molina said he hopes to have all of his employees return to work as soon as the store reopens.

“The idea is to get these guys back together again,” Molina said. "I jokingly said on social media that employers can borrow them, but I would need them back after a while.”

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