Ardmore city leaders working to fight mosquitoes before they bite

ARDMORE, Okla. – As residents across the state wait for high water to recede, city leaders in some communities are taking precautions against a pest that is thriving in the water.

“Complaints have started rolling in,” Jessica Scott, director of community development for Ardmore, told KXII. “The high grass is a great place for them, standing water, green pools. We’re really busy going out and inspecting those complaints.”

City leaders in Ardmore say they are doing everything they can to protect residents from mosquitoes.

Earlier this year, code enforcement officers were out to address tall grass and weeds, which can protect mosquito eggs and larvae.

The city is also spraying at dusk to kill the bugs, and using mosquito dunks to treat bodies of water.

“It’s just really important that people take responsibility for their own property,” Scott said. “Go out and check it. Make sure you don’t have anything that holding water.”

Pet bowls, tires, tubs and low spots in a yard can all hold water.

Scott said anyone can call the Ardmore Community Development office with any mosquito concerns or complaints at 580-223-3477.

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