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Food inspections to begin for CBD, medical marijuana businesses in Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA CITY - Another layer of protection is being added to CBD and THC food products sold in our state.

The Oklahoma State Department of Health says inspectors will be visiting businesses making or selling food and drink products infused with CBD or THC to ensure they're in compliance with the law.

The industry may be new but those involved say a lot of the concepts in safety aren't.

"Many of us here at CBD Plus come from the food industry prior and we were very familiar with what the expectations are. We were already integrating those practices," said Heather Strickler,  compliance and training officer at CBD Plus.

Officials with the Oklahoma State Department of Health say existing food statutes will pertain to CBD and medical marijuana retailers. However, there are some differences.

Representatives for CBD Plus say creating these CBD and THC-infused food products is a delicate procedure

"Like say if you were to introduce it too early and you were to cook it at a higher temperature, that product is no longer effective," Strickler said.

Inspections will be random, like at any other place that sells food. In addition to typical food inspection standards, they will be looking to ensure food items are labeled accurately and making sure they're all in-state products as required by law.

Because it's so new, they're starting with education.

"To kind of walk them through the process of getting their license and what kind of standards they need to abide by," said Tony Sellars, with the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

Of course, things can change.

"This is a new industry, it's just like any industry that starts from the ground," Sellars said. "What is happening today isn't necessarily set in stone at this time. Things are going to be evolving and I'd imagine that they could be evolving for quite some time."

Violations will be handled much like in the food industry, where several opportunities are given to get in compliance before fines begin.
If they refuse to get in compliance, a cease and desist could be issued.

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