Grady County officials allowed gas line fire to burn itself out

COX CITY, Okla. – Officials say a blown out gas line is to blame for flames that could be seen for miles in Grady County.

Shortly before 1 p.m. on Monday, authorities and emergency crews rushed to a reported oilfield explosion near Cox City.

Thick smoke could be seen filling the skies from miles away as crews were headed to the scene.

When firefighters arrived at the site, large flames could be seen shooting into the sky.

Officials with the Grady County Fire Department tell News 4 that either a 10-inch or 24-inch gas line blew out just east of Cox City Rd. and County Street 2920.

Authorities say they shut down the supply and allowed the fire to burn out on its own.

Fortunately, no one was injured.

Officials with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission told News 4 that it actually affected two lines- a 4-inch and a 6-inch line. The commission says the company that operates the lines is Enable.

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