Perry restaurant server saves choking woman’s life

PERRY, Okla. – A woman credits a Perry server for saving her life when she choked on a piece of steak.

It happened Monday night at the La Macarena Mexican Restaurant.

"I'm thinking, it's a long way to a hospital, I better not die,” Mary Welsh told News 4.

That’s what was going through Welsh’s head when she experienced a terrifyingly close call.

“Was about halfway through the meat and it happened and I felt it getting bad. So, I stood up and showed her 'get help.' Well, he saw her real quickly,” Welsh said.

Welsh is talking about Dalton Mitchell, a server at the restaurant who she now credits for saving her life.

"Obviously she was choking and I heard a lady, her lady, say she's choking. So, me and my sister walked over there to try and see if there was something we could do,” Mitchell said.

Luckily, Mitchell had just learned how to perform the Heimlich Maneuver about a month ago.

"A lady comes up next to me, helps me, guides me really, and I do it a few times,” Mitchell told News 4.

He did it until Welsh, who was turning blue in the face, could once again take a deep breath.

"I have MS and I have what's called vocal cord dysfunction where the vocal cords open and close at the wrong time. So when I went to swallow it didn't close,” Welsh said.

Thanks to Mitchell, her worst fear in that moment did not come true.

"I have an autistic son that I'm helping raise, autistic grandson, and his father is in prison and I want to be able to see him get out on parole. I want to be alive for the reunion,” Welsh said.

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