Webbers Falls homeowners return to homes after devastating flooding

WEBBERS FALLS, Okla. – Homeowners are starting to be allowed back into their homes in Webbers Falls after the devastating floodwaters from the Arkansas River left behind major damage.

Many homes in the town of about 600 people were underwater in the flooding. After nearly two weeks of standing water, this is what homeowners are dealing with now.

Thick, sticky mud with a strong odor is all over Marlene and Andy Paul’s home. In addition to a refrigerator and grandfather clock being knocked over, there’s damaged furniture from the floods and you can even see mold starting to grow on the walls.

The images are devastating for this married couple who was living here on their retirement.

Marlene says they used up their savings to fix this home up six years ago and it was all gone in a matter of days.

“We thought that was it on our furniture until we die,” Marlene Paul said. “We’re up there. We don’t know what’s going to happen in the next few years to our health.”

Outside their home, their garage still stands beneath several feet of water from the Arkansas River.

The floodwaters were so strong that the whole structure moved.

This family is not alone. Their neighbors are also dealing with the same monumental destruction.

Marlene and her husband Andy are now dealing with insurance and applying for federal assistance.

The mayor of Webbers Falls says a FEMA crew will be out soon to assess the damage. She estimates that a few hundred homes have been affected.

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