Turn around, don’t drown: Multiple water rescues underway after flooding across metro

OKLAHOMA CITY – Multiple water rescues are underway across Oklahoma City, fire officials say.

Heavy rain hit the Oklahoma City metro late Thursday morning, bringing flooding to city streets and highways.

Oklahoma City firefighters have responded to water rescues at:

  • Reno and Council
  • I-240 and Western
  • NW Expressway and Council
  • SW 29th and I-44
  • S. MacArthur and I-40
  • Hefner and County Line Rd.
  • SW 51st and Independence
  • Reno and Portland

The area near Reno and Council is shut down due to high water. Officials say they have worked several water rescues in that area and at least one person needed medical assistance.

Tips for driving in flash flooding:

  • Turn around, don’t drown. Avoid driving in floodwater.
  • If visibility is severely limited during heavy rain, drivers should reduce their speed and if they can safely do so, pull off the road out of traffic lanes, turn on flashing hazard lights, and wait until the rain lightens.
  • If windshield wipers are on, headlights should be as well.
  • Pooling water on roadways can cause hydroplaning and loss of vehicle control, so motorists should reduce their speeds during rainy conditions. Roadways completely covered by water are a particular danger.
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