Volunteer organizations helping Oklahoma families without flood insurance

SAND SPRINGS, Okla. – Families in northeastern Oklahoma are trying to take the next steps to repair what has been damaged by historic flooding in the area.

While driving through the Town and Country neighborhood, you can see drywall, insulation and carpet at the curb.

According to KJRH, the floors in some homes have sunk below the risers. In others, stagnant water has caused mold and structural issues.

Although the work is overwhelming for residents, some volunteers are hoping to lessen the burden.

“If we don’t do this, [the homeowner] doesn’t have the money to do it,” said Jeffrey Jones, a volunteer with Minuteman Disaster Response. “So that’s one of the reasons that we do what we do; we can come in and make an impact on the community.”

The Minuteman Disaster Response team is working with homeowners who don’t have flood insurance. Other volunteer organizations are also helping to assess and gut homes, but there are hundreds of families waiting for help.

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