Business owners stunned at how quickly serial burglar broke into store

TULSA, Okla. – Authorities in Tulsa say a serial burglar is behind bars, but they say they were shocked by the number of crimes he admitted to during a recent interview.

Over the span of years, investigators in Tulsa have been trying to get their hands on a serial thief.

Investigators told FOX 23 that the suspect would break into a business within a matter of minutes, stealing anything of value.

“He’s done so many, he probably has an idea of anything he wants,” said Sgt. Tim Means, with the Tulsa Police Department.

The suspected thief targeted businesses ranging from electronic stores to jewelry stores, even targeting a music store.

“I’ve never had anyone try to do what this guy did which is take a pry bar to my front doors and come in,” said Larry York, the owner of The Music Store. “He got in here quicker than I can get in with a key.”

Recently, the alleged thief targeted a surveillance equipment store. The store’s own surveillance system captured an image of the suspect’s car, which gave police a new clue.

Within hours, officers stopped a car that matched the description and arrested Travis Smith.

Inside Smith’s vehicle, police discovered a cache of stolen property.

During an interview with investigators, Smith admitted to breaking into 35 businesses in the area.

“That’s a huge number, and those are the numbers that this person remembers. There may be more,” Sgt. Means said.

Smith was arrested on several burglary complaints and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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