Family searches for body of Oklahoma murder victim

Almost two weeks ago, Chelsey Chaffin’s body was allegedly dumped off a bridge into the Cimarron River by registered sex offender Earl Oswalt. Crews are continuing to search for her body in hopes of bringing her home.

“I think everyone has wanted to do this to help Chelsea’s mom. Of course, nothing can bring closure,” OSBI Public Information Officer Brook Arbeitman told News 4. “This is devastating for her family and her friends but, if we can find her, hopefully that helps.”

Crews searched from the air on Tuesday, they searched the river by boat on Wednesday then, Friday, they expanded their search to the river banks.

“Based on information provided to us by the Grand River Dam Authority on the flow of the river and the way the flood water were at the time,” Arbeitman said. “We kept the search to approximately a 10-mile radius from this point.”

Chaffin’s cousin, Jennifer Kornelson, is on the river with other family and friends helping crews search. She said she was very close with her cousin growing up and Chaffin would do the same for her.

“She was crazy. She always made me laugh, always. She just did some of the craziest things. If somebody messed with her family, she would snap,” Kornelson said. “I think it will be more real, but I think it would help all of us to be able to put her at peace like how she’s supposed to be.”

Kornelson said the search hasn’t been easy, but she doesn’t plan to stop until Chaffin is home.

“It’s very important. Chelsey’s mom lost her son, and now she has lost her daughter. I think she’s going to go crazy if she doesn’t get closure from it,” she said.

Chaffin’s mom lives in Kansas; she plans to make the trip to Oklahoma to join the search Saturday morning.

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