Coffee Creek neighborhood fed up with senior living facility after broken pipe repeatedly floods streets

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EDMOND, Okla. - Wasted water and unanswered phone calls.

An Edmond neighborhood is fed up as a busted pipe from a nearby senior living facility is causing some problems.

The water, some fear is not only being wasted but also ruining the street.

The Coffee Creek neighborhood says when the sprinklers at Touchmark turn on every morning, it floods the roads and gallons of well water goes to waste.

“I was upset and then I became frustrated when I couldn’t get anything done,” said Rocky Yorke, a Coffee Creek resident.

Yorke’s fed up after watching water, a valuable resource, go to waste for weeks now.

“I was raised in the desert,” said Yorke. “In the mountains, we had a well and we saved every drop of water we could.”

The problem is, every morning when the sprinklers go off at Touchmark at Coffee Creek, a leak sends a steady stream of water circling through neighborhood streets.

Yorke says he called Touchmark and tried to get them to fix it.

“They weren’t going to respond and didn’t really care evidently that the water was going down the drain,” said Yorke.

And Yorke fears the water that doesn’t drain is now causing erosion.

“That gets in there, loosens up the gravel and creates more fallout,” said Yorke.

Yorke called News4, hoping to get answers.

We managed to get through to an official at Touchmark.

Martin Chavarria, the Director of Health Services at Touchmark tells News4 they’re aware of the problem and they thought a landscape company had fixed the issue last week.

But, hearing that the leak continues, they’ve now shut off the water.

“There have been some faults in our system and we’ve already addressed some and we’re addressing the rest,” said Chavarria.

And they apologized for the way Yorke was treated.

‘I was not present for that, but I definitely apologize because that is not our standard,” said Chavarria.

Yorke has a message for the senior living facility and hopes others will take preserving water more seriously.

“Just respond,” said Yorke. ‘Get back to them at least and let them know that you’re concerned too and you’re going to take action.”

Touchmark says the landscape company is coming back out to take another look at the leak and get it fixed.

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