Historic floods hit Tonkawa animal shelter hard

TONKAWA, Okla. - Historic flooding in north central Oklahoma has left the Tonkawa Animal Shelter in shambles.

"It damaged everything," said Suzanne Burns

Located just south of the salt fork river Suzanne Burns says the shelter has flooded three times in the last month- the worst on May 20th.

"We had four dogs at that point and we got them out in time."

Those dogs and cats were put up at the Tonkawa Parks and Rec building before eventually being taken in by the Blackwell Animal Shelter nearby.

But the animals former home is in bad shape with Mud everywhere, filling up dog cages, blankets ruin in cat houses. All three will be eventually be torn down

"Just nothing but sludge.  I had just got my beds a lady in Tonkawa was very generous and donated 9 beds each dog had a bed and now they are gone," said Burns.

Officials say those supply items will be the hardest to replace, dog and cat food.. cat litter.. dog beds, bowls and cleaning supplies.

"Unfortunately there are a lot of things that you can get in a mad dash, little things that you lose in a catastrophe like this are just gone," said Sgt Nick Payne of the Tonkawa Police Department.

While the cleaning, bleaching, and rebuilding is underway, officials say the services provided at the shelter are really what's missing.

"There`s really no place to put those dogs. Dogs still get loose... dogs still need shelters and homes and permanent homes and it's very difficult to provide that right now," said Payne.

Suzanne says without more rain they should get back into the facility in two weeks.

Officials plan to rebuild one cat house 5 feet off the ground so they will have a safe place for the next time the river floods.

To help the Tonkawa Animal Shelter, click here.

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