“There’s a lot of nonsense out there”: Are mammograms and dental x-rays dangerous?

OKLAHOMA CITY — Thyroid cancer is the fastest-growing cancer in America.

Thyroid disease disproportionately affects women; three to one over men.

Radiation exposure is a proven risk factor for thyroid cancer.

The fatality rate is down in the past 20 years, but the amount of misinformation about thyroid health seems to be on the rise.

“I have a lot of patients who come and see me; they’ve done their research on Google. They’ve asked Dr. Google, and we find there’s a lot of nonsense out there too,” said Stephenson Cancer Center Otorhinolaryngologist Dr. Nilesh Vasan. “It’s important to look at legitimate science.”

There is an old piece of equipment being used in a new way to protect your thyroid.

However, some doctors say, it’s too much.

In fact, the experts say you might actually cause yourself to be exposed to more radiation.

News 4’s Ali Meyer explores how far patients should go to protect themselves and answers the question: How much protection is too much?

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