Crystal digging area at Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge reopens after flooding closure

JET, Okla. – A popular Oklahoma tourist attraction has reopened after it was closed due to flooding.

The crystal digging area at the Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge closed down in early May, reopened and then closed down again towards the end of the month after much of the state saw historic flooding.

On Wednesday, the digging area reopened and officials are reminding diggers to only dig in the designated area, which is marked by the orange “Dig Area” signs.

According to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, crystal digging is permitted from April 1 through October 15, sunrise to sunset. The digging area is closed from October 16 through March 31.

No special permit is required to dig.

Diggers can remove up to 10 pounds of crystals plus one large cluster for personal use in any one day.

Crystal digging at Salt Plains National Wildlife Refuge

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