Venue cancels controversial concert after backlash online

OKLAHOMA CITY - A local venue decided to cancel a music act after their lyrics sparked controversy. The group performing as part of the “Crazy White Boy Tour” was scheduled to perform at the OKC Farmer’s Market this Friday.

Demun Jones and Adam Calhoun describe their music as a blend of rap with a country twist, but it’s not their sound that’s causing controversy. It’s their racially charged lyrics.

“Me knowing the foundation of what rap really is, I know that this isn’t it,” local rapper and community activist Jabee said.

Local performer and community activist, Jabee, was outraged when he heard Oklahoma City was even a stop on their tour.

He tells News 4 he believes the pair promotes racist and homophobic beliefs.

“We should actively be people that say this is wrong,” Jabee said.

News 4 did some digging.

The Farmers Market told us their hands were tied since the space is rented to promoters who then book the acts.

“We usually don’t like to bring anything bad to make our venue look bad,” Director of Events at OKC Farmers Market Marlena Vair said.

News 4 reached out to the booking company next who told us they were not aware of the group’s views nor do they support them.

Early Wednesday evening the booking company made the decision to cancel the Friday show.

“We can’t allow people who aren’t from here to come in and disrupt what we got going on here,” Jabee said.

This isn’t the first venue to cancel days before. A similar situation happened two weeks ago in Sacramento.

News 4 did speak to the men behind the group by phone earlier today.

They tell us they love their country and their fans and they appreciate the people who support them.

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