Bethany police searching for suspect after shot fired at two off-duty officers

BETHANY, Okla. - A man is on the run after Bethany police say he fired a gun at two off duty officers.

"It`s very scary that this would happen in our neighborhood. That`s why we all watch out for each other,” said Max Prichard, who lives nearby.

Residents say the Bethany neighborhood near NW 15th and NW College is usually quiet. But it was a different story on Thursday evening when gunfire rang out.

“The information that we have, the person that fired the shot is still outstanding,” said John Reid, Deputy Chief of Police for Bethany Police Department.

Police said a man fired a gun at two off-duty officers, neither officer is from the metro area.

“Oklahoma City is assisting us with a K9, trying to track where the suspect might have run off,” Reid said.

A man who was with the gunman was captured by police as a neighbor caught it on surveillance. But the other suspect is still on the run.

“That`s crazy that somebody would be walking up and down your street with guns during the daytime. Even at nighttime,” Prichard said.

AirOne flew over the scene, in search of the man who got away and who may still be armed.

Bethany police say luckily, no one was injured. The two off-duty officers involved were taken in for questioning.

“We`re trying to figure out exactly what all went down. I mean, they`re like a regular citizen when they`re out of their jurisdiction,” Reid said.

But neighbors are now just hoping to get some answers.

“It`s very upsetting because anymore nowadays you can`t even look at anybody anymore. Nowadays you don`t know who`s carrying a gun. You don't know what`s going to happen,” Prichard said.

Police said they don’t have a very good description of the suspect but they’re hoping to get a better one after concluding interviews.

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