News 4 reunites El Reno family with picture lost in tornado

EL RENO, Okla. - On the night of the El Reno Tornado, May 25th, News 4 found two pictures in the rubble.

One of a little girl named Sade Tiger, and another of a young boy.

We know now that young boy is Brandon Clark.

He was eight in the picture, but today he’s 22 years old.

His mom was at a loss for words when she finally got a chance to hold the picture of her youngest child.

“You can’t put it into words,” Jenny Clark said. “This is all I got.”

The Clark family lost everything in the tornado.

Their home and all of their possessions gone.

That stuff can be replaced, but you can’t go back 14 years to take that picture again.

“Since we lost everything, them are gone. Somewhere in all this rubble,” Brandon’s dad Shane Clark told News 4. "I don’t know, but they’re gone. We’ve got a few pictures, but nothing like that.”

Somehow the night of the tornado the picture was untouched despite being found nowhere near where the Clarks' home was destroyed.

Both Jenny and Shane had the same reaction when they say their son’s picture on News 4 a few nights later.

“My wife and I are both looking at each other and she’s like 'that’s Brandon, that’s Brandon! Our son,'” Shane said. “She was really excited because we don’t have one of these pictures now.”

It was a piece of the home they lost, and a reminder of their lives before the storm.

Sometimes something as small as a picture can remind you of what you still have.

“To get that my wife is just, I mean I’m happy about it, but my wife is just overly, overly happy about it,” Shane said. “She would hug your neck if she was here.”

The Clarks have plenty of pictures of their son on their phones today, but they say the picture of Brandon when he was eight means so much more because it’s the only one they have from 14 years ago.

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