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Woman shot after brandishing gun during escapee capture

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ALLEN, Okla. - A woman is recovering from several gunshot wounds after helping an inmate escape from the Logan County Jail.

The officer-involved shooting took place at an Allen gas station where the pair were spotted using a stolen credit card.

"Thankfully our customers didn't even know to where people weren't panicked," store manager Erin said.

But on the other side of the wall at the Merriman Country Store, there was panic happening inside a Jeep.

Just a few moments before, the store manager tells News 4, she spotted some suspicious activity.

"An outsider came in," Erin said. "That's not normal. She was asking us as workers for money."

A stolen credit card sparked police interest.

The shopper was Melissa Grayson.

Allen Police approached her Jeep and struggled to pull her out of the vehicle.

She resisted, pulled out a gun, and pointed it straight at officers.

"It's not the most comforting feeling," Allen Police Chief Darrell Armstrong said.

That's when a U.S. Marshal opened fire.

Grayson was hit multiple times.

"Arm, leg, it was all just scattered," Chief Armstrong said.

All of this was happening while a fugitive was sitting in the passenger seat not making a sound.

Adam Quilimaco escaped from the Logan County Jail on Wednesday.

He was being held on charges of robbery and possession of stolen property.

Police say Quilimaco was a trustee and allowed to work off-site when he walked away from the group, eventually meeting up with Grayson.

"You don't do that in Allen," Erin said.

The pair didn't make it too far in their getaway vehicle before Allen Police and other agencies were ready to step in, a first for the local chief.

"This is the only officer involved shooting I've ever dealt with," Chief Armstrong said.

The victim was flown to OU Med in Oklahoma City and is recovering from several gunshot wounds.

Quilimaco is in custody at the Pontotoc County Jail.

He has been arrested on several felony charges in several different counties in the past, including failure to register as a sex offender.

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