“I didn’t think it would go that far,” Mother reeling after daughter shot while brandishing gun during escapee capture

ALLEN, Okla. – An Oklahoma mother was shocked to find out her daughter is recovering from several gunshot wounds after helping an inmate escape from the Logan County Jail.

“I didn’t think it would go that far,” Lori Pirochta told KXII. “I knew that she was really upset and she’s in a manic phase.”

The officer-involved shooting took place Thursday at an Allen gas station where the pair were spotted using a stolen credit card.

Allen Police approached her Jeep and struggled to pull her out of the vehicle.

She resisted, pulled out a gun, and pointed it straight at officers.

“It’s not the most comforting feeling,” Allen Police Chief Darrell Armstrong said.

That’s when a U.S. Marshal opened fire.

Grayson was hit multiple times.

“This is the only officer involved shooting I’ve ever dealt with,” Chief Armstrong said.

All of this was happening while a fugitive was sitting in the passenger seat not making a sound.

Adam Quilimaco escaped from the Logan County Jail on Wednesday.

He was being held on charges of robbery and possession of stolen property.

Pirochta said her daughter had met Quilimaco while in jail and she had been trying to get help for her bipolar disorder but with no success.

“She did have a drug problem,” she told KXII. “It started when her father was killed by a drunk driver. She didn’t get the help she needed but she loved her kids.”

Court records obtained by KXII show Grayson had a warrant for failing to appear in court after a conviction of child neglect and drug possession.

“And the suicide is coming in now because she lost her kids, has no contact with most of them and she doesn’t have a reason to live,” Pirochta said.

Grayson was flown to OU Med in Oklahoma City and underwent surgery.

“Not the most comforting feeling,” Chief Armstrong said. “It’s what we’re trained at. We tell you to drop it. After that, if you point it, we’re trained to shoot.”

Grayson is recovering from surgery and is expected to be released into custody.

Quilimaco is in custody at the Pontotoc County Jail.

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