Moore resident wants stolen angel statue returned

MOORE, Okla. - When Liz'a Biswell's grandmother passed away, she left her granddaughter two things in her will, an angel statue and a stone bird bath.

For eight years, they both sat in her front yard, but when Liz'a left her house Saturday night she noticed the statue was gone.

"We were going to get movies and I was like, where is my angel? I just shut down," Liz'a told News 4. "I was very sad. I didn`t say much or do anything."

The statue is very special to Liz'a, because in her grandmother's will she said she was leaving it to her granddaughter because she needed an angel to watch over her.

"When my grandmother passed there wasn`t a whole lot left to give, and that was very special because I didn`t ask for it," Liz'a said. "I didn`t think I deserved it."

Liz'a says she hasn't filed a police report because she doesn't want the person who took the statue to get in trouble. She just wants the priceless statue her grandmother gave her back where it belongs.

"I don`t want anything bad to happen to them or any consequences," Liz'a said.  "I don`t want no ill will.  I hope you will just return what`s very special to me."

The Biswells say they noticed it was missing around 7 p.m. or 8 p.m. Saturday, but they aren't sure exactly when it was taken.

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