Rancher asking for help finding missing cattle after historic flooding

SPERRY, Okla. – After historic flooding caused significant damage to properties and land across the state, many property owners headed back to their homes to see exactly what needed to be repaired.

When John Fugate reached his newly-remodeled home and shop near Spiro, he realized that everything had suffered significant damage.

“I remember the 86 flood that everyone always talks about, it was pretty bad but this was a little bit worse,” said Fugate.

As he works to clean up his family’s home, Fugate is asking for help finding nearly 40 head of cattle that are missing after the floods.

“It got, in the pasture out here, it was about nine feet deep,” Fugate told FOX 23.

All that water drove Fugate’s cattle to seek higher ground. As the rain continued to flood the nearby Bird Creek, he received word that his cattle were several blocks away.

Fugate took to Craigslist to ask for help finding his missing herd.

“We found one 11 miles away, east of Owasso,” Fugate said.

He says his cattle all have an orange tag with his name and number on them.

At this point, there are still 40 missing. He says he knows that some did not survive the flooding, but he is hoping for the best.

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