Chandler shoplifting suspect arrested after homeowners discover him on their roof

LINCOLN CO., Okla. - “I was watching TV and I got up and I heard a noise on the roof, so I texted my husband and asked him if someone was supposed to be up there because we were getting some repairs done,” said Margie Snovell.

Snovell heard stomping on her roof Monday morning.

Moments later her husband, called 911.

“Lincoln county comm center?”

“Hey, the guy you’re looking for … “


“Ye’s on my roof” said Larry Snovell.

The suspect was Kerry Rich.

Police first got the call after Rich was caught shoplifting at the Walmart in Chandler.

“They went to make contact with him, he jumped up and ran a few feet away and then stopped. He then ultimately took off and ran out of the parking lot,” said Chief Matt Mattheyer with the Chandler Police Department.

Rich ran about a mile to the Snovell's home and climbed up onto their roof.

“I think he saw them pull up and he jumped down and went behind the garden was hiding on the ground in the grass,” said Margie Snovell.

Lincoln County Deputies along with Chandler Police arrested Rich.

He was not alone, back at the Walmart, Carin Eberle and Kaila Bloss were also arrested.

“The female subject went to her car to get her ID and never could find it, but while we made contact with them they both gave us fake names and date of birth,” said Chief Mattheyer.

Police found guns, and drugs inside their stolen car.

“Inside the vehicle, we found numerous drug-related items, meth, and two stolen pistols," said Chief Mattheyer. "There was probably at least 15-20 drivers licenses for different people around the state stolen credit cards stolen checks and social security cards.”

All three have been arrested in other parts of the state before.

“These were pros. They knew what they were doing and they’ve been doing it for quite a while… they’ve been arrested for it before,” said Chief Mattheyer.

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