Oklahoma country music superstars release ‘Dive Bar’ duet

OKLAHOMA CITY – Weeks after two of Oklahoma’s biggest country superstars announced they were teaming up for a new song, fans have a chance to listen to a bit of the new song.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Garth Brooks said that he and Blake Shelton are releasing a new country song this summer.

“He was fun. He came to the studio, and it’s just a good, ole summertime anthem. It’s called Dive Bar, and it just talks about spending your summers, you know, in the dive bars across America. It’s gonna be fun,” Brooks said.

Brooks says that the collaboration came about because both of the singers are from Oklahoma. At some points during recording, Brooks says that he got confused who was singing.

“We’re basically raised right around the same area,” Brooks said. “So it was pretty cool.”

Earlier this week, the song was released on country radio.

Brooks says he believes that they will likely create a music video for the song.

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