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Stillwater nursing home worker facing charges after allegedly stealing patients’ medicine

STILLWATER, Okla. – A Stillwater nursing home worker is facing charges after she allegedly stole medicine meant for patients, including one patient with terminal cancer in hospice care.

According to the Stillwater News Press, 39-year-old Danelle Lynne Lee, took syringes of morphine that belonged to a patient in hospice care with terminal cancer. Lee also allegedly took six Norco pills, a painkiller, from another patient.

Officials say Lee would check out the patients’ medicine in order to administer it, but instead kept it. She then went back to a computer, putting in information that she had administered the medicine. She reportedly did this twice a day for several days.

Officer talked with Lee, who said one night she checked out medicine and forgot to administer it due to the employees being busy. She told officers she decided to keep it and sell it for extra money.

She also told officers a patient was asleep, so she was not able to administer the Norco pills, and kept them.

According to the doctor for the woman who had terminal cancer, the missing doses of morphine would not have contributed to her death on May 28. However, the missing doses would have caused her pain. The patient who did not receive the Norco pills would also have suffered from pain from missing doses.

Lee was charged with two counts of larceny of a controlled drug and two counts of abuse by caretaker. Her court date is set for June 25.

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