Oklahoma rapper to hold benefit show to pay for local recreation center fees

OKLAHOMA CITY - Tiny dancers are spending their summer days at the Douglass Recreation Center in northeast Oklahoma City.

"It's a blend. We have some low-income families and some kids from underserved populations but we also have people who drive out for specific programs," Naisha Morris, Recreation Center Supervisor, said.

Oklahoma City has several recreation centers all over the city offering programs in the arts, outdoor camps, and mentorships to name a few.

"It includes activities and it's a citywide program,”  Morris said.

Popular Oklahoma City Rapper Jabee performed for the Douglass Recreation Center this week.

This after he found out all of the city's recreation centers raised rates from $5 to $10 a month.

"People were upset that kids couldn’t come in because they had no money and so I was like let's do something then,” Jabee said.

Jabee is creating a fundraiser to take care of the children at this location who can't afford the monthly fee.

"I said well I don't have money, but I can pull people together, and we can raise some money. That way kids can just come. If there's a problem let's just take care of it,” Jabee said.

Korey Eakers works at the Douglass Rec Center. His mentorship organization Grand gentleman is sponsoring the event.

“These smiling faces. I see them every day and I just want to help bring attention to the cause,” Korey Eakers said.

Ensuring the children will have the same access to activities as everyone else.

"I believe our kids deserve the same opportunities as everyone else does,” Morris said.

"It's places like this that help kids dream bigger,” Jabee said.

The show is July 7 at Tower Theatre and is free with donations highly encouraged.

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