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Power slowly starting to return to Pauls Valley after Wednesday’s storms

PAULS VALLEY, Okla. - Power has slowly started come back on in Pauls Valley but residents are still trying to find ways to cope with the heat amongst the storm damage.

“It has been extremely hot. We’ve got my dog in the car right now with the air conditioning going,” said Darrell Person, whose power was still out on Thursday.

Wednesday’s early morning storms knocking out power across town. Thousands left sweltering in the heat.

Straight line winds causing damage. But with temps creeping into the mid-90s, residents said the heat has been the worst part.

“Lots of iced tea and taking lots of breaks,” Person said.

Over 70 power poles damaged in need of replacement or repairs. OG&E brought in over 450 line-and-tree crew members, all working to restore the power.

“We did enforce a curfew last night at midnight. We will continue that until further notice. That all depends on electricity coming back, the crews being in town,” said Mitch McGill, Pauls Valley Police Chief.

Assisted living centers and nursing homes were some of the first to finally get power back after spending the night with no A/C.

“At night, you’re lucky if you get a breeze because it’s hot,” said Meda Woods, resident at Donihoo/Colley senior complex.

Those living at the Donihoo/Colley senior complex had to go over 36 hours without power. Bringing in ice to keep residents’ medications cool.

“It’s been really hard for the ones that are on oxygen that are really disabled,” resident Louise Brown said.

But some left in the dark overnight are still keeping their spirits up.

“Thank you, Lord. You know, it could have been worse. Our house could have been destroyed,” Person said.

Police said they want to warn residents of possible scammers in town. It’s important to make sure any tree removal companies or roofers are legitimate.

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