Metro man compensated after being left with car repair bill following Devon window-washing incident

OKLAHOMA CITY - Nathan Morin likes what he sees. His $1,500 check arrived in the mail, and it’s enough to cover the cost of repairs, plus a rental car, while his car is the body shop being worked on.

“They said, if it ends up costing any more, just let them know and they'll send me more, but I am more than happy,” Morin said.

Remember, Morin was on his way to work downtown, when glass started raining down on his car. He had no idea the wild scene unfolding 850 feet straight above him atop the Devon Tower.

“Very hard, really hard, loud pow sound,” he said. “Maybe like the size of a golf ball when it hit [and] exploded into a bunch of pieces.”

Morin's beef, though, wasn't with Devon Energy but rather the company contracted to clean Devon Tower's windows, Budget Glass Cleaning, out of Catoosa. He was told, since their window washers went out in high winds, their insurance was the one on the hook for any damage but, when he tried filing a claim, he claims the glass cleaning company blew him off. They also ignored our emails and phone calls.

We alerted Devon, and they got right on the ball.

“They called me that next Saturday after I met with you,” Morin said. “I wasn't expecting it, especially on the weekend.”

The matter was resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.

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