More than 60 goats helping with upkeep for part of Oklahoma City 

OKLAHOMA CITY – Several years after the City of Oklahoma City purchased goats for upkeep, officials say the “little munchers” are still doing a great job!

On Monday, the city posted the goats clearing out the “kudzu and invasive species” along the canal that transports water from Lake Overholser and Lake Hefner.

City officials say the areas along the canal are too steep for regular mowing equipment or for workers to access, so the goats clear out the overgrowth, including poison ivy.

Currently, there are about 61 goats in the herd, all located along different parts of the canal.

The city first leased a herd from Langston University as a trial, and then years later, purchased its own herd and has been managing them since.

“Lots of perks to this job: all-you-can eat buffet and naps!” city officials said on Twitter.

The goats are guarded by the city’s two donkeys, Monte and Sam, who keep guard over the herd.

According to the city, staff members check on the goats daily, and they receive regular veterinary check-ups as well.

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