Rough roads creating chaos in Logan County

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LOGAN COUNTY, Okla. - “It’s obviously inconvenient for a lot of people around here,” said concerned resident David Young.

Young's lived in the area for years and said this year's flooding has made the roads worse than ever.

“Up there, you couldn’t get through with anything less than a tank really,” he said.

Young's daughter works off of Forest Hills Road and, after the past weekend rain, it only made parts of the roads worse. He said, some days, his daughter just can't get to work.

“We only have to drive on Forest Hills for about a mile, but it's an unpaved section and it's really terrible,” he said. “Any time it rains any significant amount, she can’t go to work.”

We reached out to commissioner Marven Goodman; when we asked if he wanted to go on camera, he said he'd rather work on fixing the roads. Monday, he said crews were out working to fix them.

“Actually, the guys are out there working on that road today,” he said.

No timeline yet for permanent fixes, but Goodman said they are trying to work quickly.

“We’re doing things as best as we can, as fast as we can,” he said.

One man who lives near Forest Hills sent us video of a road grater getting stuck Monday morning.

Young said he understands it's not an easy fix but hopes the county continues to work.

“I understand it’s not simple process… obviously, right here is just one particular area… and there’s areas like this all over Logan Couty,” he said.

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