Two burglars caught on camera ransacking SW OKC home

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Security cameras could be the downfall for a couple of bold burglars who broke into a southwest Oklahoma City home.

“It looked like a tornado had gone through my house. That’s what it looked like,” homeowner Joann Tipton said.

Tipton has lived in her southwest Oklahoma City home for over 40 years now. A home she once considered safe, now turning into a terrifying ordeal.

“They got in through a window in the back,” Tipton said. “They knocked over dressers. They went through everything and threw it out. Pictures. You name it, they went through it.”

Surveillance cameras catching two suspects red-handed as they break into Tipton’s home, taking electronics and clothing.

“It’s not easy. It’s a violation. You feel violated. You feel- I don’t even know how to describe it. T’s like somebody taking your own personal space, slapping you in the face and moving on,” Tipton said.

One even unscrewing the light bulb on the front porch in hopes of concealing the duo’s identities.

The suspects took off with both of Tipton’s surveillance cameras but luckily, she had the recorded feed backed up.

“People having video at their homes makes cases that would sometimes be completely unsolvable, makes them completely solvable. And cases like this where we have great video, now the investigators have another tool,” said Sgt. Megan Morgan, Oklahoma City Police.

Tipton said she recently got her concealed carry license. Now she has a message for the burglars.

“This neighborhood used to be a really good neighborhood. Now we have all these people coming in and taking stuff and doing drugs and walking down the street like zombies. Zombie, go home,” Tipton said.

Tipton said of all the things taken, the one thing she wants back the most is her embroidery machine… which she uses to make and sell items.

So far, no arrests have been made.

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