2 AAA locations offering free car battery, tire checks

AAA opens first-of-its-kind location in Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA CITY – A record 41.4 million people will hit the road to honor the red, white and blue with a getaway this week.

“The heat is on in Oklahoma, and AAA is alerting motorists heading out to take a ‘see us now’ approach or they’ll likely see us later,” said Leslie Gamble, AAA Oklahoma spokesperson. “Vehicle inspections before travel are vital to prevent vacation plans detours and calls to AAA for roadside rescues and tows.”

Just in time for holiday and other summer travels, AAA’s Car Care, Insurance and Travel Centers are offering free pre-travel inspections through July 3rd.

  • N.W. 61st and May in OKC
  • 1701 S. Broadway in Edmond

Both are open 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday.

Car battery and tire checks will help drivers avert future complications.

Heat Impacts Battery and Tire Problems

Drivers are often more concerned about battery problems in winter, but Oklahoma’s summer heat can be tougher on a car’s battery than the bitter cold.

“The typical life of a battery is three years,” said Justin Tolbert, AAA Edmond car care manager, “so if yours is nearing that, don’t wait to get it checked out.”

Checking of tire pressure and tread depth, affected by road surface heat, before you hit the road can greatly improve your chances for a carefree road trip.

“Tires literally determine how the ‘rubber meets the road’ and, therefore, how much control drivers will – or won’t – especially in heavy congestion, higher speeds or wet conditions,” says Tolbert.

AAA car care technicians will check the air pressure to make sure it meets the recommendations for vehicles listed inside the driver’s side doors.

“They’ll also inspect tread wear to make sure it’s not worn beyond 4/32 of an inch. At that point, tires need to be replaced, because the ability to stop within reasonable distances is already significantly compromised,” Tolbert said.

Last year during the 6-day Independence Day holiday travel period, AAA Oklahoma responded to 3,746 calls from members for emergency rescues.

The top 3 reasons for assistance calls were:

  1. Batteries (607)
  2. Tires (548)
  3. Lockouts (513)

Gamble says that number could climb with increased road traffic this year.

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