Abundant amphibians: Baby frogs, turtles on the move after rainy spring and summer

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Oklahoma is seeing green - not money, but turtles and toads.

From busy intersections to backyards, the amphibians are abundant.

With recent rains, it's prime time for amphibians to make a move.

"They're looking for just the right conditions to make lots of babies and this has been a great year for that," said Micah Holmes, with the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife.

Some think the tiny frogs and toads are cute.

"They're just all over the place and it's fun to watch them," said Deborah Bristol, who says she has dozens of tiny frogs in her yard.

Others think they're creepy, but experts say they are helpful.

"You may get annoyed with all the frogs around but just remember they're eating mosquitoes too," Holmes said.

Of course, we can't miss the turtles who are also in the mood to travel.

"When the rains come up, it provides turtles new places to live," Holmes said. "So they may be going from one creek to another creek, from one pond to another pond."

Many kind-hearted Oklahomans are quick to swerve around or help the tiny travelers but wildlife experts say that's not always the best idea.

"We encourage people to make sure that human safety is number one. No one wants to run over a turtle but for sure we don't want to see anyone hurt out on the roadways," said Holmes.

You're urged to never relocate these amphibians too far from where you found them. They know the spots with the best resources and honestly, they probably just want to be left alone.

Department of Wildlife officials say the best advice they can give with most creatures is "If you care, leave it there."

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