Police release body cam of man arrested for murder, abuse and neglect

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OKLAHOMA CITY - Police released body cam footage of the arrest of a metro man accused of abusing and neglecting his mother, leading to her death.

Allegedly, the 83-year-old victim had been suffering years of abuse and neglect.

“What's going on? Nothing, I was watching tv, taking a nap. OK. Is your mom in here? Yeah, she's taking a nap too. Can I talk to your mom? Make sure she's ok?”

This was the conversation between police and Carlton Nault after an officer knocked on his apartment door in Northwest Oklahoma City.

Carlton Nault

“I want to talk to your mom,” the officer said. “I want to talk to your mom.”

But Nault refused to show his other hand.

“Put your hand on the door handle!” the officer said.

“Momma!” Nault said. “Come out of the apartment. Momma! Come out of the apartment.”

Nault was yelling out to his mother who was sitting inside the apartment.

Police say she was living in deplorable conditions and had suffered long term abuse and neglect.

"He had mistreated her to the point where she had to be taken to the hospital,” MSgt. Gary Knight said. “She had lacerations on her head and face where she had been either beaten or struck with items.”

Nault sits in the Oklahoma County Jail facing abuse and neglect charges as well as second-degree murder.

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