Oklahoma City Zoo announces death of clouded leopard

OKLAHOMA CITY – Staff at the Oklahoma City Zoo are mourning the loss of a beloved animal.

Gemma, a 17-year-old female clouded leopard, was euthanized on Friday “due to health issues associated with fluid build up around her heart and kidney failure,” according to the zoo.

Zoo officials say over the past few months, Gemma was being monitored regularly by the zoo’s veterinary team.

Caretakers took her to the zoo’s hospital after noticing “she was acting lethargic,” and euthanized her.

“Gemma was a sweet-natured and special cat – always ready to greet her caretakers with a squeak and a chuff,” zoo officials said on Facebook.

According to the zoo, the median life expectancy for clouded leopards is 13.1 years.

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