Experts warning pet owners about days before, after July 4

ARDMORE, Okla. – Fireworks can be pretty startling if you’re not expecting to hear a loud boom outside your home.

Experts say that’s exactly what it’s like for a lot of pets around Independence Day.

Ardmore Animal Care usually takes in around 25 dogs each year who run away from home due to fireworks.

In fact, experts told KXII that the greatest risk is around the holiday, not the day itself.

“People shoot off fireworks more than just one day,” Kasey Renteria, director of Ardmore Animal Care, said. “A lot people shoot them off in the days before and days after, when people aren’t expecting it, and that is when the animals tend to run off and escape.”

The organization says pet owners should make sure their pets are inside or in cages to make sure they can’t run away. Also, they suggest playing music or the TV at a comfortable volume to drown out the noise.

If you plan to shoot off fireworks, you are encouraged to let your neighbors know so they can prepare for the noise.

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