Oklahoma’s new law on car registration, tags now in effect

OKLAHOMA CITY – Up-to-date certificates of registration should be carried at all times, according to a new Oklahoma law that went into effect Monday.

Under Senate Bill 1339, passed and signed into law during the 2018 legislative session, drivers will now keep their tags if they choose to sell a car.

“Many people, for instance, they’d sell [a] car and, six months later, they would get bills from the turnpike saying they’ve been through the turnpike and didn’t pay or they would get traffic tickets,” Ross said. “Now, once your car goes, your tag will stay with you so there won’t be a marker on that car that shows ‘you.’ That will help citizens across the state and not worry about having somebody else’s traffic fines, somebody else’s parking, somebody’s toll tickets.”

The new law also requires drivers to keep their registration or an official copy of it in their cars.

Many drivers may have thrown away the registration paper after removing the sticker stapled to the corner.

“They don’t have to have their title and all the paperwork. They just basically have to have that simple registration sheet,” Ross said. “If someone can’t find their registration, they can go to a tag agency and get a copy of that. They can get a copy of it online, so there’s many measures, and they’ve been working on this for months to be ready for July 1.”

News 4 spoke with Rep. Kevin West, R-Moore, one of the bill authors, who said they may need to have discussions with the Oklahoma Tax Commission and law enforcement shortly regarding possible penalties for not having a copy of registration in vehicles. He said the bill, as signed, does not specifically list a penalty.

However, if a driver were to sell a car and did not have another car to place the unexpired tag on, West said they can contact the tax commission for a reimbursement.

For more information, visit tax.ok.gov.

You can also click here to get a duplicate of your registration. Click “Duplicate Registration Order” under “Other.”

If you do not have online access, you can visit your local tag agency to request a duplicate registration certificate.

For anyone needing a duplicate of their vehicle registration, the Oklahoma Tax Commission’s newly updated OkCARS is the quick and easy way to receive a free copy via email in as little as five minutes. All that is needed is the last four characters of the vehicle identification number, street address number, and the current primary license plate number.

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