Buckled road causing big headaches for some drivers

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PAWNEE COUNTY, Okla. - People who live in and near Cleveland, Oklahoma dealing with a few extra minutes on their drive.

“It is an inconvenience,” said resident Stephen Gayle, “the different route is to go back to Prue Road and come around … or you come here and wait,” he said.

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation says recent heavy floods mixed with Oklahoma summer heat, forced part of U.S. 64 to buckle.

“When you’re going types of speed on the highway systems you can’t really afford potholes,” said ODOT spokesperson Terri Angier.

Now it's down to one lane.

Temporary traffic lights stand over where crews are working to repair the road.

“Now we’re dealing with buckles partly as a result of the flooding, but now with extreme temperatures, it's causing the roads to buckle, which again is expected but because of our flood event we might see more of them this year,” said Angier.

She says heat can cause damage to both concrete and asphalt roads, especially when it comes to older pavement.

“When the extreme temperatures heat or cold hits then sometimes that creates the panels to push together and create a buckle, and that’s very dangerous especially again because we can’t predict where they will be,” she said.

Although it's dangerous, it's not totally uncommon for this to happen during Oklahoma's summer temperatures.

“The challenge with buckles is you can’t anticipate where they are. The good news is in the past decade we’ve really improved our infrastructure,” said Angier.

Drivers who frequent the road, just hope it's fixed soon.

“I thought they’d have it done by now though!” said Gayle.

ODOT says it should be fixed in the next couple of weeks.

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