Oklahoma woman robbed at gunpoint in her own driveway

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EDMOND, Okla. - An Edmond woman says she was held against her will in her own driveway as two men made off with her purse and her car.

Danielle McCoy was heading home after a fast food run when she was forced to stare down the barrel of a gun.

Police are now searching for two men who could be on a crime spree.

“That’s more like the movies,” Danielle McCoy said. “That’s not real life.”

But it was real life for Danielle McCoy late Monday night.

She had just pulled into her Edmond driveway when a man walked up to her asking to borrow her cell phone.

“Obviously you know this isn’t a good situation,” McCoy said. “Like are they going to run away with your cell phone?”

That question was soon to be the least of McCoy’s worries.

After handing her phone over, she says the man grabbed her purse, pulled out a gun, and pointed it at her.

“He touched me and said come stand over here and took me by my shoulder,” McCoy said.

McCoy says she was frozen in fear while following his orders.

“There’s not a manual to follow when someone is pointing a gun at you,” McCoy said.

Then a second man showed up taking the keys of her brand new Volkswagen.

Both men sped off.

All this happening while McCoy’s two children were feet away.

The home’s brick wall was the only thing separating them from the terror unfolding outside.

“It’s not like any kind of bad neighborhood,” McCoy said.

Time was not the enemy.

Edmond Police immediately using GPS to track McCoy’s car and cell phone.

“I’ve stopped trying to understand them because it’s not understandable,” McCoy said.

Within less than an hour, her phone was found lying broken in a ditch. Her car was parked nearby.

“I’m not sure they really had a plan,” McCoy said.

And that lack of planning could be their downfall. Police possibly catching them red-handed literally.

Fingerprints found inside and outside McCoy’s car.

As for McCoy, she says that will be the last time she lets her guard down.

“I’ve shot guns,” McCoy said. “I can handle guns but I have never had one pointed at me like that.”

McCoy tells News 4 she described what the men looked like to police.

Police saying the descriptions could possibly match a group of people who have committed other crimes in the area recently.

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