Popular corn selling again for limited time in McLoud

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MCLOUD, Okla. - For more than two decades, there's been a "maize craze" around this time of year in McLoud.

Folks line up bright and early and some wait late into the night at Nowakowski Farms to purchase locally-grown sweet corn.

Family members, friends as well as kids from surrounding towns jump in to help shuck, bag, sell and load their corn.

"They all play basketball against each other, baseball against each other, but in the barn, they're all together," said Penny Nowakowski.

When their friends call, they have to wait.

"Can't talk right now, I'm making money," said 11-year-old Holden Nowakowski.

Doing a job many of their parents did as well.

"They wanted their kids to experience the corn and how hard it was when they worked," said Robert Nowakowski.

The focus is partially on the corn.

Folks, some as old as 103, lined up for hours to get a taste of the food so sweet and fresh, you can eat it right in the field.

The main focus here is on legacy, community, and longtime employees.

You see - the corn isn't the only gold thing here.

So is the heart of everyone involved.

Over the last few years, customers and employees alike have teamed up to pay it forward to veterans.

"They're always really, really moved by that every year so it's grown, it's great," said Kristin Nowakowski.

The goal is to brighten everyone's day, or at least try, one ear of corn at a time.

"We can supply a mess of corn, anyway," Robert Nowakowski.

The corn sales are expected to last through Friday.

They start at 8 a.m. and usually stop around 2 p.m.

They're pretty active on Facebook.

Check out their page for their address as well as updates on when they'll stop the sale.

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