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Edmond man’s work in jeopardy after his trailer is stolen

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EDMOND - An Edmond man that spends his spare time donating household items to recovering addicts and people in need, says the trailer he uses to haul the items was stolen this week.

Thomas Puckett says he left for church camp over the weekend with plans to deliver a chair when he got back.  He returned home on Wednesday to find the trailer missing.

“I was devastated. I mean I know this world is not a perfect place, but you like to have faith in people,” Puckett told News 4.  “I use that so much to help other people.  For someone to take that from me like it didn’t matter, that was very disheartening.”

Puckett says he’s a recovering addict, and he feels called to help people who are in the same position that he used to be in.  He says he knows the value of a small gesture.

“I know the value of someone giving you silverware.  Or giving you a kitchen table, or a couch, that might not be new it might even have a rip in it,” Puckett said.  “When you’re trying to start life over, or look ahead to a brighter future, someone giving you a couch is life changing.”

Puckett says moving the small things like dishes and shoes aren`t a problem.  It`s the tables, dryers, mattresses, and couches that are difficult without the trailer.

“It had a lift gate that lowered down, and I bought a dolly.  Most things I could load and unload by myself,” Puckett said.  “Now I’m just limited to the back of my pickup truck.”

Puckett says he was actually borrowing the trailer, which makes this even harder to swallow.  He says he spoke with police but they told him the chances of finding it are slim because it didn’t have papers, and the trailer has no identifying marks.

“They could pull someone over and there is no way they could even know the trailer was stolen, because it`s just a trailer,” Puckett said.  “Hopefully it can be recovered.”

If you would like to help Thomas Puckett with his ministry, or if you know something about the trailer, Puckett is asking you to contact him at handsandfeetbygraceOKC@gmail.gov.

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