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Officials: $1.5 million needed to secure World War II submarine

MUSKOGEE, Okla. – Rushing floodwaters from the Arkansas River caused many in Muskogee to worry about the fate of a historic submarine.

The USS Batfish emerged from seven different combat patrols during World War II. The Batfish has an unofficial record of enduring 125 depth charge explosions in one terrifying eight-hour period.

Once the war was over, the USS Batfish found its final resting place in the Port of Muskogee, along the Arkansas River.

As severe weather caused the river to flood, the waters also lifted the Batfish off of its spot.

Officials tell KJRH that the submarine now sits 12 feet uphill and its gangway, which stuck out from the stern, is twisted and unusable.

Engineers say it is actually in a good location, but it will still take about 120 semi-truck loads worth of dirt to secure the 1,500-ton submarine.

In all, it will cost about $1.5 million.

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