Edmond high school buys houses next door

EDMOND, Okla. - One Edmond high school needs more land, and it's taking steps to see that happen.

"It started off, someone came to us and said I'm thinking about selling my rent house, are you all interested?" said Brett Towne, superintendent of Edmond schools.

It turned out the Edmond superintendent was.

As Memorial High School continues to grow both in students and facilities, property is at a premium.

Edmond Public Schools are now buying up houses along Pine Oak Drive just east of the school.

"It's the only space left, I think it's great if they give them fair market value," said neighborhood resident Beth Rice.

According to the superintendent and neighbors we talked to, they are.

EPS have bought five houses for between $130,000-$150,000 reportedly; that's around $90 a square foot, and they are in negotiation on two others.

"We are trying to purchase houses on the west side of Pine Oak for future parking," Towne said.

Plans are to initially use the space event parking only.

"They need the land as it is, you can't park in the street during school hours, it would be good for the school," Rice said.

School officials said the houses they now own will start coming down in August.

What happens if some houses along the road don't want to sell?

"We want to be good neighbors, we are not even contemplating imminent domain or anything like that," Towne said.

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