Man allegedly stole neighbor’s car with her 15-year-old daughter locked in backseat

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HARRAH, Okla. - A man could be facing kidnapping charges after allegedly stealing his neighbor's car with her 15-year-old daughter in the back seat.

Dillon Hammontree was arrested on complaints of kidnapping, larceny of a vehicle and marijuana charges.

It happened when Jennifer Daniel was going to Dollar General with her daughter, Allison Fox, and her toddler. She offered Hammontree a ride because he said he needed a drink.

"We've known him for a couple years; I would have never thought he would have done something like this," Daniel said.

At the store, Daniel took her toddler in with her, leaving Fox and Hammontree behind. That's when Fox said Hammontree jumped in the front seat and took off.

"He jumped the seat and said 'I'm sorry, Allison,' locked the door, pulled out," Fox said.

She acted quickly, unlocked the door and jumped out before he could get far. She ran back to her mother who called police.

Meanwhile, Hammontree allegedly kept driving.

But, it was second 911 call that has investigators scratching their heads.

"Officers received a call, another 911 call that the suspect was here at the police department, that he was telling them that he was dehydrated," said Harrah Police Chief Gary Morgan.

Morgan said Hammontree made the call from outside the Harrah Police Station after ditching the car a block away.

"We don't know what his motive was. We know that he locked the doors and told the 15-year-old girl 'I'm sorry.'" Hammontree said. "What his intentions were at that point I don't know, but he didn't stop to let her out."

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